Why Social Technopreneur Academy

Social Technopreneur Academy serves two important purposes: To educate learners about Social Technopreneurship and for Social Technopreneurship. Education about Social Technopreneurship means preparing all learners for the various roles they will play as socially and economically contributing citizens. Education for Social Technopreneurship means building on these general understandings about Social Technopreneurship in a way that prepares learners to be employed in a variety of careers, or starting their own business and creating employment for others.

These two major thrusts continue as essential components in all entrepreneurial and educational environments, thus enabling individuals to:

Need for Value-added Skills

In the 21st century, success for both business and individuals requires more than content mastery. Human factors also impact the ability of individuals and organizations to be effective. Key components for success in the workplace and society include such skills as human relations, self-management, teamwork, and leadership. To function in a global society, individuals also need sensitivity to ethical issues, cultural diversity, the value and dignity of work, and interpersonal relationships.

In addition, individuals need information management, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. They must learn how to access information quickly and evaluate the validity of that information. In turn, they use that information to make wise decisions and create new knowledge. Social Technopreneur Academy integrates technology as a tool so that learners interrelate business content using information management skills. These information management, critical thinking and decision-making skills are emphasized in our Social Technopreneurship programs. We believe that Social Technopreneurship education is value added because individuals develop skills that go far beyond content mastery.

Our Mission and Vision

Social Technopreneur Academy focuses on developing the Social Technopreneur as an individual, and ensuring every Social Technopreneur has the support they need to thrive in their careers and businesses.

Even as our programs are targeted at three groups of community:

it is our purpose to eliminate disparities in education and ensure equal access to academic and economic resources for all, especially those in vulnerable situations.